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Solutions and equipment for industrial automation

Vestra is the official distributor for Rockwell Automation, Prosoft, Panduit and Hilscher equipment. We aim to honor these partnerships with an active and qualified presence throughout Romania. We come with a team of professionals, flexible, dedicated, always looking for innovation and improvement, to meet the challenges of the industry.

The Team

Range of products

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Range of products

Vestra is a distributor of equipment and solutions for industrial automation, electrical and electronic equipment. Our offer contains a wide range of products for electrical and automation installations covering applications in all industries: automotive, chemical, entertainment, fiber and textiles, food and beverage, mining, shipbuilding, tires and rubber, petrochemicals, and fields such as infrastructure or drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, power generation, etc. For all these industries we offer reliable solutions based on the vast experience of our suppliers but also on our team of specialists.

In our portfolio you will find:

  • Industrial automation, control and software;
  • Solutions for the design and security of industrial networks;
  • Solutions for the optimization and safety of industrial processes;
  • Consulting services for beneficiaries.


Dan Miron - Area Sales Manager


Iași - Moldova

[email protected]

Alin Iordache - Area Sales Manager


București - Oltenia

[email protected]

Adrian Novac - Area Sales Manager


București - Ilfov

[email protected]

Radu Fechete - Area Sales Manager


Cluj - Transilvania

[email protected]

George Apostu - Area Sales Manager


Brasov - Transilvania

[email protected]

Alina Matei - Head of logistics department


[email protected]

Geanina Chirila - Assistant logistics department


[email protected]

Monica Rosu - Operational Marketing Manager


[email protected]

Andreea Iftimie - Assistant operational manager


[email protected]

Ancuta Belei - Assistant operational manager


[email protected]

Mihai Marinescu - Head of Technical Support


[email protected]

Tudor Pop - Division Director


[email protected]

Support services

Technical support

The Vestra team is available at any time to answer technical questions or to advise you on choosing the right equipment.If you need more information to make a decision about an equipment, you can contact one of our specialists directly.

Mihai Marinescu

[email protected]
Automation, control systems, software, HMI terminals. 

After sales support

Professional training offers and courses are available on the online training platform, Rockwell Automation