We are a supple, dynamic, flexible but extremely competitive company. We want to change the paradigm on the utilities equipment services market. We operate as a cluster specialized on the market of solutions for water management. We want to consolidate the solid foundation on which we have developed: Elsaco group!
Present 36

traditional international partners are working with Vestra

Employees 60

dedicated employees, with an extensive experience in the field

Objectives No. 1

We want to become leaders in solutions for water management.

About us

We are the first cluster specialized in the utilities industry

Vestra was born from the desire of Elsaco – an integrated group which exists in Romania for more than 20 years - to provide performance and qualification at a higher level, in the field of equipment and services supply in the utilities industry.

Vestra is a company that emerged from the Elsaco group and the experience gained in the field of the utilities industry equipment and services sale leads us to set off relying on this solid foundation.

We operate independently from the group, but as long as we benefit from the reliability capital accumulated by them, we have set our own way, still asking for advice from the more experienced ones. Vestra, the former Division of Utilities Equipment and Services of the group, had an average contribution of 22% per year to the financial outcomes of Elsaco Electronic.

  • A young spirit, on a solid foundation!
  • We bring performance in the utilities sector!
  • We become partners with leaders!

Brief history


The Sales Department of Elsaco Electronic is established, the purpose being the sale of water meters.


Elsaco Electronic becomes an authorised distributor of the Danish company AVK International A/S.


The Sales Department of Elsaco Electronic extends its team and portfolio. Partnerships with Sainte-Lizaigne France, ADG France and Cla-Val Europe; Elsaco Electronic provides equipment for ISPA projects in Buzău, Craiova, Reşiţa, Argeş, Paşcani , Piteşti and others.


Elsaco Electronic strengthens its business activities at a national level and acquires the status of acknowledged supplier of fittings and gas meters for E-ON România and GDF Suez Energy România.


The Sales Department becomes an independent division. The Division of Utilities Equipment & Services (D4) takes over the activity of fittings, special equipment, water, heat and gas meters supply.


The Division of Utilities Equipment & Services supplies cold water meters and remote reading metering to RAJA Constanța.


The Division of Utilities Equipment & Services continues its ascending evolution managing to conclude contracts of equipment and services supply for the construction companies within the POS 1 program from Suceava, Piatra Neamţ, Brăila, Iaşi, Constanţa, Vâlcea, Buzău, Hunedoara, Olt and others.


The Division of Utilities Equipment & Services provides specialized utility vehicles for high pressure washing of sewage pipes to the company Apa Nova Bucureşti SA and has a turnover of more than 10 million Euros.


The Division of Utilities Equipment & Services becomes Vestra, a company specialized in sales and starts a partnership with Rockwell Automation, world leader in providing industrial automation solutions. Vestra has a sales force that covers the whole country.

Regional solutions

By means of the offices located in București, Cluj, Iași, Constanța and Botoșani we ensure you of the readiness to deliver our products anywhere in the country.

Harta Vestra

Products and services

We deliver quality and performance

We deal with supply and sale of measuring and control equipment, valves and fittings for the utilities industry (water, heat, gas).

We operate like a cluster specialized in the field Solutions & Equipment for the utilities market and we benefit from the reliability and know-how of some world giants in the field.

We create for the clients the most solid bridges towards the access to the technology that helps them to deliver in an efficient and ecological manner.

Products from our portfolio

Measuring and control equipment, valves and fittings for the utilities industry (water, heat, gas).

Traded products

  • Measuring equipment: water, heat, gas, industrial fluids meters, process instrumentation
  • Valves and fittings: flow control valves, pressure regulators, level control valves, drawer valves, butterfly valves, air valves, retention valves, knife valves, penstocks, service connection valves, connection valves and collars, repair collars, underground and above ground hydrants, adapter flanges, various accessories
  • Systems and solutions for water and sewage networks: video inspection equipment for hydraulic networks / drillings/ works, truck-mounted sewerage hydro-cleaners, mechanical washers, emptiers and high pressure jet cleaners, shutter balloons for sewages, measuring and control equipment for the detection of network losses
  • Automation equipment and systems: programmable logic controllers, software applications

24/7 services available to customers

  • Free consultancy and guidance in the pre-contractual stage for the proper choosing of the proposed equipment
  • Basic design for the equipment forming the proposed systems
  • Assistance and technical support for the supplied products
  • Metrological inspections and repairs for the utilities meters (water, heat) according to the applicable rules
  • Providing installation and commissioning of the measurement systems and meter reading systems
  • Providing warranty, repairs and servicing for the supplied products
  • Measuring equipment
  • Valves and fittings
  • Systems and solutions for the water and sewage networks
  • Automation equipment and systems

Our team

A successful business is backed by a high-performance team!

The investment in our employees is one of the most important commitments that we make from the desire to have a successful business. Our team is made of dedicated young people, with an extensive experience in the field, always ready to meet customer needs.

We provide services at a national level and the first step towards us may be done by contacting the “Vestra regional Ambassadors”.

Vestra is organized on the model of a complex but complete structure in which departments from different areas work together in order to provide the optimal solution for customers:

The Tendering Department draws-up customized commercial offers, according to the customer needs and integrates the technical offers so that the commercial proposal to capitalize on the business opportunities. In addition, the Vestra tendering engineers ensure the functionality of the proposed solution and collaborate with the Sates Department in order to provide the technical support needed for a successful project.

The Sales Department has as main responsibility the business development by attracting new customers, maintenance and development of some long term partnerships with the present customers. Our Product Managers own valuable knowledge about the products and market, managing to stand out from the competition by formulating global and complete solutions. In close collaboration with them are the Vestra “ambassadors”, the Local Representatives who develop the relationships with customers from the entire territory of Romania on the basis of an excellent knowledge of the industry and needs existing on the market.

The Logistic Department deals with the follow up of the delivery contracts, planning the orders so that the products reach the destination in time. The Logistic Department staff provides the necessary products in order to successfully meet all the received orders.

The Technical Department is responsible with the permanent provision of the servicing activity during the warranty and post-warranty period and applies to all the products and services provided by Vestra. Our specialists are at the customers’ disposal 24 hours, seven days per week, in order to provide the needed support in case of damage.

With an experience of more than 10 years, the Metrology Laboratory staff performs the metrological check of the regulated measurement means, according to the License issued by the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (B.R.M.L.).

Top management of Vestra

Constantin Dumitriu

Constantin Dumitriu

Constantin Dumitriu, administrator of Vestra, has a 22 years experience in the utilities field. He was trained as a specialist at the world leaders school, such as Itron.

Vlad Iftime

Vlad Iftime

Graduate of the Faculty of Energetics, Vlad Iftime is the CEO of Vestra, a company that generates a quarter of the Elsaco group businesses.

Gabriel Popovici

Gabriel Popovici

Engineer by profession, Gabriel Popovici is professionally evolving within the Elsaco team for more than 10 years now.

Cornelia Anghelache

Cornelia Mariana Anghelache

Cornelia Mariana Anghelache, Head of Tendering Department, is one of the best experts in terms of products and services in the field of utilities.

Doru Burlacu

Doru Burlacu

Doru Burlacu is specialized in the sale and support providing for gas meters. Within Vestra he holds the position of Product Manager for the gas meters area.

Vestra is the company that connects the final beneficiaries’ needs to increase the water, heat or gas consumption efficiency and performance to the international offer of products, services and equipment designed for the utilities industry.
ISPA projects and projects financed from cohesion funds
Water meters, valves and fittings supply
Hidroconstrucția SA
5.5mil EUR
Supply of cold water meters and mounting services
Raja Constanța SA
2.5mil EUR
Gas meters supply
GDF Suez Energy Romania, București
4.4mil EUR
Valves, fittings and specialized utility vehicles
Apa Nova București SA
3.5mil EUR
Călărași and Brăila cohesion funds project – meters and fittings supply
Compania de apă Brăila
2.1mil EUR
Meters, valves and fittings supply
Apa Vital Iași SA
2mil EUR
Cold water meters and mounting services supply
Aquatim Timișoara SA
0.7mil EUR
Heat metering equipment supply
Town Hall of Galați municipality
1.1mil EUR


Within these partnership relations, we have contributed to the progress of the management solutions.

Vestra consolidates the partnerships with international companies built by Elsaco, and in the same time expands its products portfolio, services and know-how transfer within the Romanian market, by identifying new opportunities. Ever since its existence, Elsaco has established close business relationships with over 36 international companies, which include world or European leaders in their activity fields. Among them, we can list:
  • We bring performance in the field of utilities!
  • We’re the first cluster specialized in the utilities industry!
  • We sell expertise and quality!



Sewage systems.



Integrated measurement systems for a complete water cycle.


Lacroix Sofrel

Telemetering solutions for applications in water management.


Sainte Lizaigne

Manufacturer of connection collars, connection valves, water meters valves and accessories.



Established manufacturer of knife valves, penstocks and special water valves.



Renown manufacturer of special valves: pressure control valves, flow control valves, level control valves, etc.



Top manufacturer of equipment for the water and gas industry, sewage systems and fire protection systems.



CCTV video inspection on sewages.



World leader in providing equipment and solutions designed for the utilities measurement: water, heat, gas and electricity.


Rockwell Automation

The most important provider, at a world level, of industrial automation solutions.



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