Vestra, exclusive partner of the world leader Rockwell Automation for Romania

Rockwell Automation

Vestra, company specialized in the sales of equipment for utilities, will distribute on the Romanian market equipment from Rockwell Automation, a world leader in industrial automation.

The Romanian company Vestra owned by the founders of the Elsaco Group will be the exclusive partner of the American giant for the next five years for the Romanian market. Apart from the supply of equipment Vestra will provide consulting services for beneficiaries – utility companies and entrepreneurs active in the market in Romania.


“We won the right to become the exclusive supplier of Rockwell Automation products on the Romanian market after a competition involving four other companies followed by intense negotiations that lasted for 18 months. The mandate that we have achieved is a real challenge for the Vestra team, a new brand in the market but which benefits from the experience and expertise of over 20 years that Elsaco strengthened in Romania”, said Vlad Iftime CEO of Vestra.


Vestra will distribute on the local market hardware and software for industrial automation, sales being estimated to grow from 4 million euros in 2015 to 15-18 million euros in the next 3 years. Beginning with the last quarter of this year, Vestra will become the exclusive distributor of the Rockwell Automation equipment, company that estimates for the current financial year total sales globally of about 6.6 billion USD.


“Vestra (Elsaco group) is a strategic partner of Rockwell Automation in the Romania. Rockwell Automation was looking for a dedicated partner in the Romania, and Vestra is providing coverage of all Romanian territory so this is an ideal solution for all parties and will enhance greatly our customer service. We are confident that our combined strengths will benefit our Romanian customers”, said Miroslav Seifert, Rockwell Automation Channel Manager.


For the partnership with the American giant, Vestra created a team of five specialists, with complex expertise in sales and technical advice. The Vestra team benefited from a training program, that lasted for nearly six months, in Romania and abroad with specialists from the American company.


The partnership with Rockwell Automation will support the Romanian company’s sales by almost a third. The main medium-term objective of Vestra is to become market leader in the equipment and solutions for the utilities industry.


Vestra was established in early 2015 by outsourcing the Utility Services and Equipment Sales Division of Elsaco Group, Romanian company, located in the top suppliers of the utility industry. The Utility Services and Equipment Sales Division of the Elsaco Group contributed with about 25% to the group’s consolidated businesses.


After the outsourcing Vestra took over the partnerships that the Elsaco group has developed in over 20 years of activity in the Romanian market. Among the strongest partners of Vestra there are prestigious international companies such as, Itron, AVK, Sainte-Lizaigne.


Through the Utility Services and Equipment Sales Division, Elsaco provided equipment for the utility industry to companies such as E.ON Romania, Gaz de France, Apa Nova Romania, Hidroconstrucţia and water companies in major cities.


Rockwell Automation is a world leader in industrial automation which aims to increase productivity.